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Get the Picture is a collection of images generated via online search engine query. German words such all, equal, good, why, self, nothing, maybe, etc. were entered to find corresponding imagery and explore connotations created in part by the greater public with access to the web. The selection is completely subjective. Nonetheless, the attempt to document a kind of meaning, to portray some sort of archive, to study image-word associations is prevalant. Many of the images are no longer accessible via the same search query and thus perhaps lost forever. The booklet aims to question the visibilty, longevity, and necessity for the vast amount of images we witness on our screens every day and what they have to say in a foreign contexts such as newly arranged in printed form.

Title: Get the Picture
Author: Pascal Kress
Design: Pascal Kress
Release: June 2015
Language: German
Format: 10.5 x 14.5 cm
Pages: 112, soft cover
Binding: stapled, ribbon
Edition: 60
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